The Faces Behind CaptenAMZ

The Founders


Meet Sidra

The Inspirational Force Behind CaptenAMZ

A software engineering background with a true entrepreneurial spirit. A mom who chose to build her dream while nurturing her family. Sidra’s journey started nearly a decade ago, driven by the need for a flexible career that didn’t tie her to the 9-5 grind and allowed her to be present for her kids. With limited daycare support, she took her own path, balancing motherhood with her ambition. 

CaptenAMZ, born in 2019, is the result of Sidra’s relentless effort and growth over the years. Her journey, supported by her husband and inspired by her three kids, has been about building something lasting and impactful. CaptenAMZ is a symbol of her commitment to growth and overcoming challenges. 

As CEO & Co-Founder, Sidra’s approach is personal. She treats every client like family, understanding, and taking on their challenges as her own. More than just leading CaptenAMZ, Sidra is redefining what it means to be a successful entrepreneur in the ecommerce space, maintaining an ideal work-life balance.

Meet Uzair

The Strategic Brain Power Behind CaptenAMZ

With an electrical engineering background, Uzair always knew the corporate world wasn’t his thing. From his college days he was drawn to the idea of entrepreneurship. His passion has always lied in sales and the art of selling, be it products, ideas, or visions. This love and fascination for the global reach of e-commerce, naturally led him to explore the Amazon marketplace.

His journey into Amazon was fueled by an analytical mind and a love for helping brands grow. As a PPC expert, Uzair has transformed his expertise into success stories for numerous clients. His personal life is anchored by his supportive wife and two beautiful daughters, who are his inspiration for building genuine relationships with his clients.

As the Chairman & Co-Founder of CaptenAMZ, Uzair’s approach is all about growth – for the business, for the clients, and for the team. His journey shows that with the right mindset, the global market is not just a place for business, but a ground for innovation and growth.

Let’s Meet CaptenAMZ

CaptenAMZ is the fusion of Sidra & Uzair’s entrepreneurial brains & hearts. Their partnership formed in 2019, is built on a single vision – To make Amazon selling experience smooth for new sellers and provide personalized growth solutions to established brands.

Specializing in 360° Amazon PPC & Catalog Management, CaptenAMZ is born to make Amazon hustle easier for you, with you.

Our team of 20+, though operating remotely, is always connected. Each one of us brings a wealth of experience to the table, from tricky catalog management to strategic brand scaling. Every client, every task gets our full, expert attention. So yeah, we’re really good at listening to what you need and making it happen

What makes us different?

It’s simple!

We’re real people who genuinely care about your success. Our goal is always to keep things transparent, straightforward, and focused on what’s best for you and your brand. Plus, we’re always looking for ways to do things better, both for our clients and our team. 

Let’s discuss how to turn your Amazon goals into achievements!

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Our Top Pillars of Strength

amir khan

Amir Khan

Head of Operations

Sidra Fawad

Customer Success Manager


Senior Brand Manager

Shehla Mumtaz

PPC Specialist


Catalog Specialist

Fatima Javed

Content Manager

Shams Durrani

Lead Creative Artisit


Ayesha Zahid

Brand Manager

Maniha Batool

Research Specialist

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