PPC Analysis/Audit Report

Amazon PPC Audit

CaptenAMZ Agency has meticulously conducted a comprehensive Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) analysis for all our clients, aimed at refining their advertising strategies for optimal outcomes.

We examine existing campaigns, evaluating factors such as campaign structure, budget allocation, and targeting options. By analyzing key performance indicators like impressions, click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on ad spend, we gauged the effectiveness of the campaigns. 

Our assessment of keywords encompassed relevance, performance, and bid strategies, while ad copy and creatives were scrutinized for engagement and conversion potential. We also delved into landing pages, ensuring seamless user experiences and strong conversion potential. A competitive analysis furnished insights into market positioning and rival strategies

 Our report concludes with actionable recommendations and a future roadmap, enabling clients to make informed decisions that propel their Amazon PPC campaigns towards enduring success

Are You Experiencing These Issues?

Data Overload

 The abundance of metrics can lead to confusion, making it difficult to focus on the most relevant KPIs and insights that truly impact the campaign’s performance

Actionable Recommendations

Reports that lack specific, actionable recommendations may leave advertisers uncertain about the steps needed to enhance their campaign outcomes effectively.


Goal Alignment

Without clearly connecting insights to the client’s business objectives, it’s challenging for them to understand the relevance and benefits of the analysis.


Implementation Barriers

 Clients might struggle to translate suggested changes into practical adjustments within their campaigns due to technical limitations or lack of familiarity with the platform.

Seasonal Considerations

 Neglecting to account for seasonal shifts or changes in consumer behavior can lead to misinterpretations of performance trends, affecting decision-making.


Our Expertise in PPC Analysis/Audit Report

Structured Data Collection

Captain AMZ Agency employs a systematic approach to gather relevant data, ensuring that metrics align with the client's goals. This curbs data overload by focusing on meaningful KPIs that drive campaign success.

Actionable Insights

Our reports provide precise, actionable recommendations tailored to the client's campaigns. By suggesting specific adjustments, we alleviate the ambiguity surrounding strategic improvements and guide clients toward impactful changes

Goal-Oriented Analysis

Our analysis is keenly tied to the client's business objectives. By demonstrating how insights directly impact their goals,We make sure clients understand the importance of the analysis, helping them make informed decisions..

Seasonal Trend Awareness

Our analysis includes a comprehensive assessment of seasonal trends and shifts in consumer behavior. By acknowledging these variations, we provide accurate context for performance changes, preventing misinterpretations.

Client Collaboration

We prioritize collaboration with clients, ensuring their unique perspectives and concerns are incorporated. By involving clients in the analysis process, we address specific pain points and foster a comprehensive understanding of their campaigns.

OUR 5-Part Process

Data Collection

Performance Assessment

Keyword and Ad Analysis

Landing Page Review

Recommendations and Report

From Our Client's Perspective

Tom Rick

Sidra Fatima successfully established and refined our Amazon product listings, overcoming challenges with finesse. I highly recommend her and welcome future collaborations.


Sidra adeptly set up and optimized a new Amazon product listing, overcoming obstacles with insightful suggestions. I highly recommend her and looking to work long term.

Rohan Simpson

CaptenAMZ excels in store management, from product optimization to PPC campaigns, ensuring competitive success.

Daisy Taran

Your expertise are remarkable in Catalog Management; it was a pleasure working with you. I'll reach out for future challenges. Thank you


We were impressed with CaptenAMZ's dedication, driving us towards project success with unwavering commitment. There dedication and team work is excellent.

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