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Importance of Long Tail Keywords

The following is a case study on the successful use of long-tail keywords in a competitive niche to improve conversions and organic rankings.

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When approached by a client looking to launch their product in a highly competitive niche with an average CPC of $1.5, it was evident that targeting high-volume generic keywords would be financially prohibitive. As such, an alternative strategy was needed.

To identify potential keyword opportunities, a comprehensive keyword research process was undertaken using Helium’s keyword tool. By sorting the Master Keyword file, a gap in the market was identified where three to four-tail long-tail keywords presented potential value. These long-tail keywords were targeted for the initial campaign.

Within the first two weeks, significant progress was made. Good conversions were achieved, and the organic rank was pushed from page five to page one. This success with long-tail keywords had a positive impact on the ranking of higher-volume generic keywords, which were later targeted in the campaign.

The graph presented in the case study highlights the benefits of utilizing long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords have a higher conversion rate and lower competition, which translates to a lower CPC as compared to generic keywords that have higher CPC and higher competition.

In conclusion, this case study demonstrates the importance of thorough keyword research and a strategic approach to targeting long-tail keywords in competitive niches. By identifying and leveraging long-tail keywords, significant improvements can be made to a campaign’s organic rankings and overall conversion rates.

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